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University Lanes ( Bowling Center) - next door

(940) 808-1622      http://www.university-lanes.com/

Take family and friends to bowl at University Lanes, where they provide the newest state of the art equipment for your entertainment and enjoyment.

Mazatlan Restaurant   - next door
(940) 566-1718

Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Papa Murphy's Pizza - across the street

Bagheris Italian Restaurant  - across the street
(940) 591-9215

Metzler’s Fresh Pit BBQ – BEER AND WINE SHOP    - across the street

(940) 383-3663

Texas-style barbecue and traditional German eats – a tasty concept,  Metzler's, casually dressed in the denims and checks you'd expect of a BBQ pit, has been serving delicious eats to locals for quite some time. Indeed, regulars swear by such appetizing offerings as the chopped beef barbecue plate, ribs, and zesty German sandwiches made with meats straight from Fischer's Meat Market.  Great strudels as well.
Also sells Great variety of imported beers and wine.

Donut Shop - across the street

Bagheri’s Hookah Lounge  - across the street